A Year-Long Transformation Program


By most standards, you are incredibly successful. You’ve achieved high status and are killing it in most areas of life. Yet you feel the pull to live your life, increasingly, by your own personal standards —without apology or compromise in every area. It may mean some big changes but you’re ready. This is an elite program, designed for the (wo)man who is stepping up, and wants unlimited and direct access to his/her coach. The features of this program are:

  • An initial full year together with the express goal of helping you define and live your version of an Uncompromised Life
  • A full day together in NY or Boston, MA to begin our work together
  • A Hogan Profile and a professional consultation
  • In the initial three months, we may meet, as needed, up to two times a week for our one-hour coaching sessions. We’ll ultimately coach once per week (less four off weeks) and have periodic laser coaching sessions as needed.
  • You will have unlimited 24/7 email and text access and support from me.
  • This program is not for everyone. Let’s discuss if this is the right level of coaching for you.


Initial Half-Year Coaching Program


Initial Six-Month Program With Optional (typical) Ongoing Coaching

This program is tailored to create sustainable transformation in significant areas of your life … from taking the next big professional leap to creating the relationships you’ve longed to experience. This Program is the fit for you if you’re ready to commit to living your life on your terms.

Some of the program features are:

  • An initial three-hour intensive foundation session.
  • A Hogan Profile and professional consult designed to help you leverage your strengths and learn from your challenges.
  • Throughout the program, we’ll have three private-coaching sessions (40-60 minutes each) per month
  • Support via email as well as text


Private Coaching


Initial Foundational Session and Ongoing Monthly Support

Private Coaching gives you the level of support and accountability to take on and tackle specific areas of your personal or professional life, and transform it.  This program is tailored to uncover what’s keeping you from living your best and to create real change in significant areas of your life. The program features:

  • An initial two hour foundation session to create mutual clarity about who you are, how we’ll work together, what you’re focused on creating in your.
  • Three 25-40 minute sessions each month (six-month initial commitment)