One-Day Coaching Mastery Training

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Consistently life-changing coaching is not an accident. It’s the predictable result of, well … a few things!

After two decades of coaching, training and certifying coaches worldwide, I’ve distilled down the few lessons and distinctions we each need to learn (or remember!) and apply consistently in order to coach masterfully on a regular basis … to coach Uncompromised. That’s why I created the Uncompromised Coach 1 & 2 workshops!

In Uncompromised Coach 1 you can expect:

  • To learn the arc of coaching and how to begin every call for instant momentum
  • To make vital distinctions about coaching
  • To discover your Personal Standards (PS) for living your own uncompromised life
  • To coach from those PS (to coach uncompromised) and help your clients discover —to live, their own uncompromised life
  • To practice a lot and get a lot of supportive and straight feedback
  • To leave with expanded range and a new knowledge

This class provides a unique experience —each time you attend. This course is good for both the beginner coach and the vet.

Uncompromised Coach 2 builds on UC1 also giving you:

  • The philosophy (The mindset and heartset) to stand on, to prepare you for anything a client might bring … making you unshakeable
  • The practice to master more
  • The confidence that comes with seeing the results of your mastery as it develops

You can attend this class 20 times and each time it will be uniquely potent. This course is good for both the beginner coach and the vet.

For each course count on seven hours to include: demos, challenging exercises, questions answered and a lot of fun and rigor designed to disrupt the status quo of your coaching making your work more fun, effective and lucrative!

“This is a rigorous training that invite you further down the path toward mastery!”

– Lauren Moses

“The Uncompromised Coach is invaluable! Takes coaching to another level. I loved it! ”

– Kathleen Smith Vane

“Nothing quite like this… part philosophy, part ethics and part strategy and tools. It’s like a master’s course.”

– Jill Hackett

“Ron models fearless coaching. If you’re playing it safe, take this course! ”

– Theresa Sandberg

“Uncompromised Coach is incredible. Do it.”

– Cris Repolês (Uncompromised Coach : NYC)

“Any time spent with author and coaches coach, Ron Renaud, is a gift for yourself and for your clients. So roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath, and make room in your coaching toolbox for an epic supply of new (and improved) secret weapons.”

– Dana P. Rowe

“Ron’s knowledge of best coaching practices and his teaching skills, coupled with his high standards, expectations and extraordinary belief in human potential, have been a terrific model for me as I’ve built my executive coaching practice.”

– Andy Scantland

Are You Ready to Coach, Uncompromised?