One-Day Coaching Mastery Training

Coach Great Now


What makes for predictably consistent and life-changing coaching?

After two decades of coaching, training and certifying coaches worldwide, I’ve distilled down and will walk you through a few the lessons and distinctions we each need to learn (or remember!) and apply consistently in order to coach masterfully on a regular basis … to coach Uncompromised.

My Uncompromised Coach work is built upon the philosophy in my book, Uncompromised, which outlines the standards by which those we respect and admire (and how we at our best) have lived. Extracting these standards rooted in your most authentic self, let me help you apply these to your life, and for immediate purposes, to your coaching to help you do your best — most authentic, uncompromised coaching. What’s the alternative?

What You Can Expect:

  • To develop your own Personal Standards for living an Uncompromised Life
  • To coach from those Personal Standards, stretching you toward discovering what it means for you to coach uncompromised — to coach on your terms.
  • To learn simple but powerful techniques shared, your questions answered and the opportunity to take part in and witness several demonstrations to advance your coaching now.
  • To leave ready to immediately expand your range and mastery as a coach.

Count on seven hours of fun and rigor designed to disrupt the status quo of your coaching making your work more fun, effective and lucrative! 

Are You Ready to Coach, Uncompromised?