An Evening of Life-Changing Conversation

What Does It Mean For You To Live Uncompromised?


What do I really want? Most of us will ask ourselves this question many times throughout our lives. How many have the courage to hear the answer —let alone do something with what we learn?

Uncompromised Talk is not really a workshop —and not quite a speech. Ultimately, it’s a conversation between who you are today and the part of you that’s waiting to breakout and live uncompromised —your life on your terms.

Grab a friend, or six, and come out for this “nothing off-limits” evening that will be at once confronting, clarifying, fun and inspiring. Through key distinctions, your comments, questions and a few people who step up to the hot-seat, a real, sober and potentially life-changing conversation —for everyone, ensues.

For a bit more … enjoy the testimonials below.

Ready For A “Nothing-Off-Limits” Evening?

“If you want to be average, don’t waste your time or money on this …
Me? I got my money’s worth in the first few minutes. Learning from Ron is … well, it’s like watching wizardry and adrenaline tempered by deep wisdom and decades of experience.”

– Shane Thibodeau (Uncompromised Talk : Boston)

“Do you want to know what I got out of Uncompromised Talk? I left the event in the pouring rain thinking, “I’d have walked all the way here in this rain to get as clear as I did in working through the challenges I came with.”

– Mike Ambassador Bruny (Uncompromised Talk: Boston attendee)

“I flew from San Francisco to NYC to see RR and Uncompromised Talk; it was definitely worth the trip! This event, with Ron’s engaging, fun and direct style, marked a huge turning point that moved me in the right direction in my life.”

– Barb Boschetto (Uncompromised Talk: NYC attendee)

“Uncompromised Talk had a great impact on me! Ron’s direct, daring, energetic coaching style helped me get immediately clear about how to handle an aspect of my business that long needed resolution.”

– Stas Burdan (Boston attendee and real estate developer)

“Watching Ron coach was simply incredible. He has an amazing adeptness to see with clarity, the heart of the matter, speaking truths and call out the falsehoods in people’s lives!”

– Janice Won (Uncompromised Talk NYC and founder of The WON Principles)

“I attended Ron’s workshop “Uncompromised Talk”, and was blown away by his unique capacity to connect with people and create an amazing experience for everyone. Me? I now better understand —and am acting to create the life I want.”

– Will G. Foussier, CEO of Ace-up, Inc.