An Evening of Life-Changing Conversation

What Does It Mean For You To Live Uncompromised?


I facilitate powerful conversations for people between who they are today, and the part of them that’s waiting to breakout and  live uncompromised

Despite the times and circumstances we find ourselves in, it’s always been easier for anyone to live in fear, and create from victimhood or blame, everyone else’s expectations or from “good enough.” This is a life of compromise, and we can do better.

The pain in the ass, yet liberating truth is, that regardless of any turmoil around us, we choose —moment by moment, how we want to experience our lives. And if you dare to be in a better conversation with yourself —and begin to do something toward living as you’ve always wanted, you may just find yourself living your life on your terms! Join me on February 17th for what might be the best conversation you’ve ever had.

Come out for this “nothing off-limits” evening that will be at once confronting, clarifying, fun and inspiring. Through key distinctions, your comments, questions and a few people who step up to the hot-seat, a real, sober and potentially life-changing conversation —for everyone, ensues.


Ready For A “Nothing-Off-Limits” Evening?