The Book

By What Standard Do YOU Live?


When You’re Ready to Live Your Life on Your Terms

Great health, fulfilling relationships, financial success, spiritual awakening, peace, happiness… An uncompromised life is not an accident. It’s the predictable result of a few choices we make each day.

In Uncompromised you’ll learn:

  • What is compromise?
  • The anatomy of life’s destructive patterns – and how to spot and stop them!
  • How to leverage the four standards that every successful fulfilled person lives by
  • How to stop being run by your emotions and impulses and start using them to motivate you
  • How to create a simple strategy, unique to you, for living your best life now

Are you ready to live Uncompromised?

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The Journal

Living Your Personal Standards

Uncompromised Journal

Your Life on Your Terms

The Uncompromised Journal is the companion to Uncompromised. It’s designed to be engaged twice each day to help you make the deeper changes necessary to create the sustainable habits and sustained results we’re each after.

With the Uncompromised Journal, you’ll:

  • Leverage the incredible bounty of resources that already surrounds us all
  • Consciously set yourself up to create each day on your terms
  • Transform simple “to-do’s” into more potent and inspired action
  • Become accountable by seeing clearly how well you’re living according to your own Personal Standards.
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