Here I Stand

Three distinct conversations were turning points in my life. Each led me to slow down —and finally, slow down enough to stop and look at who I was.

It was 1992 —and though I knew I was a good-hearted young man, I also saw my how ignorant and intellectually lazy I’d become. As I looked around, I could see what I’d become if I didn’t do something very different with my life, now. This awakening of sorts, coupled with having recently been exposed to new some ideas —and notions of what was possible, I began to feed my insatiable hunger to learn by reading everything I could get my hands on. I read books on sales, business management, philosophy, history, economics, religion/spirituality, leadership as well as miscellaneous biographies and personal growth books. After a couple years, I began engaging people in “personal growth” conversations when someone told me I was like a “coach.” I didn’t know what I was doing had a name —but I knew it was my life’s work.

Since then I’ve coached hundreds of people committed enough to define —and courageous enough to choose to create their own lives on their terms. In 2001, I started training coaches all over the world the principles and practice of how to coach authentically and masterfully. 

Here I Stand: Integrity is all that matters. The most important work any of us can do is … to slow down sufficiently to see who we truly are, what we’re capable of (the good, the bad and the ugly) and do our own work to live the best we can in any and every circumstance —to live in integrity. Assume that responsibility and you’ll discover that meaning, fulfillment and success will find you! That’s an uncompromised life. Are you ready to do your work?

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