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Uncompromised Talk with Ryan Michler and Ron Renaud

by Ron Renaud | UncompromisedTalk


Uncompromised Talk with James Perloff and Ron Renaud

Incredible conversation w/ @jamesperloff, author “Shadows of Power,” a book on those who are really in charge world-wide & the nefarious stuff they’ve done to consolidate their power. The chat on creationism is great while the stuff on the USS Liberty is startling.

Uncompromised Talk with Madhava Setty MD and Ron Renaud

Wild, informative & thought provoking conv w/ Madhava Setty MD! Are there conspiracies? Of course! …from your family to churches, boardrooms & govs. UFO’s? Yikes, I don’t know but he knows what he saw. And … some very hard truths and Q’s concerning 9/11. Buckle up.