The Life that Soon Passes

The life that soon passes

Front of its time

Multiplies each dark whisper

Others answer—your crime.

In taking your life

Not knowing you gave

All the pain you’d collected

To those you would save.

In the moment of decision—was it decision at all?

Or impetuous courage that hastened your fall?

Genius, industry and resolution found, where you would be—and most lost.

Unanswerable questions rush in by the scores.

What were you thinking? How could you leave us? Was it me or…?

But answers aren’t gold

Time releases debts

And peace will soon tarry

When I open again.

There’s no life without death

And braving death, what’s clear

Is my life is for living

…and no longer in fear.

“Thank you” isn’t right

Nor, is anger for the past

Free from torment and from searching

I can just love you and … I’m back!

—Ron Renaud