Lost. Self. Love.

Who told you that you aren’t beautiful? Who told you that it’s not sweet to be in your presence? …that you aren’t perfect and whole?

Those voices that only come, uninvited, sneaking in through darkened times and weakened moments…You listen to them. You honor their deceptions as you arrange your life to be a faithful and attentive audience. You become the servant to a lie.

If only you were able to choose you. If only you saw the worth in your brilliant, open, glorious humanity—the perfection in your imperfection. If only you saw what I see, you’d never leave you again. And I promise, the master you’d serve would be just and loving… gentle. You are.

Love, I know it’s hard to trust yourself, so trust me. If you will remain with yourself…you can never be truly lost again.

-Ron Renaud