To Begin To Live

The cry of new life;

Arrival through surge.

The quest to be noticed,

So gripping an urge.

Great blessing of life

Beyond beating heart

Coveted by countless

But cursed and named Dark.

So lost I see mine

In all those without.

Too sad to quite name,

My need to stand out.

Speaking the strange

The confronting, the True,

My grief’s diversion, successful

Saving me— from you.

Restlessly I perform

Daily bread, so it seems.

Aplomb’s imposter

Obscures my path to Serene.

Can I be great within

That I need no applause?

…my self-knowledge so vain

My self-love so flawed…

In earnest I teach

But feign that I am

As I charm not now wisdom

Unmoved by my plan.

Confronted by alone

Thrust before myself, I cry.

“Oh, God…I am broken”

Swiftly, senses-true born!

Equanimity and Peace

At home in my form

Humility begets perception

And revelation of right

My work…self-acceptance

From inside comes sight

Years later I sit

With so humbled a pen

Grateful that I

May live whole from within.

And choice being mine

What will I do?

Concern yourself not

Here, your life begins too.

—Ron Renaud