The greatest government in history wasn’t a democracy, it wasn’t a republic. It didn’t evolve out of an exotic culture from a remote land. Its history is as ancient as man and has existed — unbroken, ever since. Regardless of our education, we each know this form of government intimately.


Take a moment and think of a time in your life when — despite the circumstances, you did what needed doing and the results spoke for themselves. It could be how you handled things after an unexpected opportunity or hardship. It could have been when you’d set a goal and took consistent action to achieve it. How you showed up, what choices you made, the kind of (wo)man you revealed yourself to be … this is self-government and it is the greatest government in history.


Why? Because it’s the self-governing (wo)man who recognizes s/he is a sovereign individual that won’t wait for permission to do what’s right. Because it’s the self-governing individual who recognizes that s/he not only has natural rights but a purpose — and is busily taking responsibility to understand and make use of both. Self-government — being obedient to our better thoughts and Intuitions, shows up in the one who sees her/himself as responsible for knowing — and doing, what’s good and right in any moment. This person, this sovereign, not only becomes increasingly free in her/his own life but establishes relationships, families, organizations, institutions and civil governments on the same principles which promote freedom for all.


No kidding, pause right now and take a moment to remember a specific time when, regardless of the circumstance, you did the right thing. It could be the day you went for a run even though it was cold and rainy. It could be the challenging but necessary conversation you initiated or a time when you said, “no” to a temptation. It could be just sitting with someone and listening. After you have a specific memory, give yourself 60 seconds to remember what you did and to feel the emotions — feel the physical sensations, that come. These feelings, this sense of knowing yourself as a (wo)man of integrity is freedom — and it’s the predictable result of self-government.


As we each do the revolutionary work of better governing ourselves, we have the opportunity to not only experience more freedom within but take part in the necessary revolution to bring freedom to the world. This is what the greatest government in history will do.


So, my friend — what do you need to do, right now, to incite a revolution in your world?



Photo by Nghia Le